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Through applied research and science, we are building a new future for Alberta, and the world


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If we solve for Alberta, we can solve for the world.
Grounded in applied research and science, we build for the future of Alberta, and the world. We are bringing the imagined into existence because we are unafraid to leap into the unknown. We listen beyond the bounds of incremental change and imagine past what is possible to determine our own future. A future worth leaping towards.
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Leap OS - an operating system with humanity at the centre.
Seamless. Adaptive. Connected. By 2030, the worlds new operating system has emerged. This new OS is not a minor iteration from the one we’ve been using the last century. It’s a major new release that connects us to a world far beyond our natural senses.
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    Human obsessed. Creatively led. Inventing the future.
    We are an anti-disciplinary team of engineers, data scientists, product designers, creatives and human experience thinkers designing innovations at the edges to reinvent the future of money & banking.
    Sue McGill
    Senior Vice President + Head of Innovation
    Chett Matchett
    Managing Director - Operations
    Raseel Sehmi
    Director of International BD & Partnerships
    Mike Brown
    Product Lead
    Noah Bouma
    Software Engineer
    Andrei Gavrilov
    Software Engineer
    Matthew Sembinelli
    Software Engineer
    Denny Hollick
    Growth Marketer
    Sandi Boga
    Product Lead
    Carille Mendoza
    Software Engineer
    Kamal Goyal
    Software Engineer
    Spencer Wishart
    Growth Marketer
    Shawky Hanana
    Product Lead
    Zane McCaig
    Software Engineer
    Chandra Rink
    Community Advocate - ATB AI LAB
    Miranda Mantey
    Global Insights Analyst
    Claire Bourgeois
    Community Advocate, Innovation
    Amanda Klym
    Operations Analyst
    Eduardo Gomez
    Scrum Master
    Team Mascot
    Virtual Assistant
    We are ATB transformation - innovating at the forefront
    of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future.