Expanding Human Impact through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


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Expanding Human Impact through AI, powered by ML.

ATB is driven by a mission to create positive change for Albertans, partnering with them to build our collective future.

ATB AI is committed to the benefits of AI, and its application in the advancement of our ATB Story and society at large. Through a combination of Applied Labs and Research & Development, we push the boundaries and bring research to production quickly for our Customers and Team Members. In a rapidly changing world - “Time to Value” is critical. Built for Albertans, by Albertans.

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Driving Innovation
Bold Ambition, Practical Application:

Through our intentional focus on business streams of: Automation, Augmentation and Innovation, we will amplify the value of humanistic response to drive rapid, sustained innovation through redefining the value ATB delivers to those it serves:

Making time Richer: focusing on the underlying systems, mathematical models, and algorithms of AI - we’re removing friction points for our team members and customers.

Systems of Differentiation: providing unique insights and recommendations to our team members and customers; extension of the personalized service and human touch ATB is known for.

Multiplying Human Potential: systems of innovation, powered by research and experimentation; redefining where the best of human and computer intelligence intersect.

    Dan Semmens
    Head of AI
    Gunjan Kaur
    Senior Analytics Manager
    Cameron Bowman
    Senior Legal Counsel
    Sonu Jaswal
    Director, Transformation Reputation & Brand
    Chandra Rink
    AI Product Strategist
    Jennifer Ishiguro
    Managing Director of Experience Design
    Dmitriy Volinsky
    Director, Data Science
    Dr. Ian Hargreaves
    Director, Data Science
    Neal Isaac
    Senior Manager, Emerging Risks & Insight
    Dr. Trudi Chalmers
    Director, Strategy & Performance
    Maya Medeiros
    Norton Rose Fulbright
    Bohdan Horak
    UofA Researcher
    Josh Mitra
    UofA Researcher
    Dr. Omid Ardakanian
    Research Professor
    Global partnerships for local impact
    The future of AI and ML moves quickly. Through partnerships at home in Alberta, across the country, and the world, ATB is at the forefront of applied research in AI and ML. With many world-leading institutes and researchers working from right here in Alberta, we’re investing in partnerships here to fuel the future of AI and ML, for Albertans and for the world.
    Our Partnerships
    ATB AI + UAlberta
    We’ve partnered with the University of Alberta to redefine what it means to deliver exceptional financial services and create intuitive customer experience solutions using the power of Machine Learning. ATB team members and UAlberta researchers are working in tandem to meet the needs of ATB customers and supporting ATB team members to develop richer relationships with Albertans.Explore our discoveries with UAlberta.
    ATB was proud to host our CIFAR partners in Edmonton in Autumn 2018, to participate in CIFAR’s second AI Futures Policy Lab. By supporting CIFAR’s efforts to better understand the social, ethical, and policy impacts of AI, ATB helps to ensure that Canadians fully benefit from this exciting new technology.
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