ATB Future Transformer Camp

Inspiring Alberta’s Next Innovators

Our ATB Story challenges us every day to be relentlessly inventive and steadfastly genuine in our pursuit of Alberta’s greater good. In this world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we understand the traditional and emerging forces that could positively influence Albertans and we’re rolling up our sleeves, taking our transformation knowledge and finding ways to use it to contribute back to Alberta. We believe we can add bench strength to Alberta’s pool of builders, coders, and transformers by investing in our up-and-coming technical leaders and creative problem-solvers. It’s also why we partner with so many technology-focused organizations and educational institutions across our province; because inspired, empowered talent is what will shape a positive future for Albertans. 

But…co-creating the future takes more than inviting the “grown-ups” to the table. Talent is inclusive and leadership can come in many forms. So ATB looked at our own efforts to support the growth of Alberta’s tech talent and realized it’s high time we carved out new opportunities to support youth in seeing the potential they have to be tomorrow’s transformers, today.

Thus, we’re thrilled to announce the first ever ATB Future Transformer Camp. 
This summer, upwards of 125 remarkable young leaders aged 14-16 will be exposed to leaders, technology, mentorship and inspiration in hopes of lighting the path towards careers in STEM. 

Participants will have a week-long immersive experience where we mould futures, learn about each other and ourselves, have transformative experiences, and make lifelong friends. Except, instead of guitars and s’mores, ATB Future Transformer Camp is meant to engage and inspire Alberta's next generation of innovators. We’ll uncover the wonders of artificial intelligence, explore machine learning labs, and build apps. Maybe we’ll see about those s’mores, though.

So, what does a day at ATB’s Future Transformer Camp look like?
During a fun, and jam-packed four days in the camp, teens will be provided with a space to think differently, learn creative and technical skills, uncover their own super powers, and work hands-on with some of Alberta’s globally recognized technology leaders, right here at ATB. 

Future Transformer teens will also get regular mentorship and support from ATB’s own Transformers and Transformation X’ers. Days will include discussions and hands on experiences with leading tech practitioners, exposing participants to concepts in the realm of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, disruption, and more. Participants will also have opportunities to ground their learnings, connecting concepts back to solving for real opportunities for Alberta, and beyond.

At the end of four days, the goal is that all program participants will have rolled up their sleeves and built a piece of tangible technology.

We’ll be running four Transformer Camps for four days in Calgary and Edmonton on the following dates:

August 6-9, 2019 - ATB Place, Edmonton (FULL)
August 13-16 - ATB Campus, Calgary (FULL)
August 19-22 - ATB Place, Edmonton (FULL)
August 26-29 - ATB Campus, Calgary (FULL)

The program is a glimpse into ATB’s Transformer X initiative, which brings recent post-secondary grads into ATB’s transformation lab to dig into AI, machine learning, data science and innovation alongside team members and researchers for eight months with the goal of an ATB job placement at the end. 

ATB Future Transformer Camp aims to provide an immersive social and learning experience for youth in Alberta that goes beyond the technology and gets at the bigger, transformative picture. We’re cracking open our team, resources and network in hopes of providing teenagers with an opportunity to see themselves as leaders and shape Alberta’s growing innovation ecosystem through creativity, science and technology.

We've filled the camp for 2019 and are excited to share what we learn. Stay tuned for future offerings by subscribing to alphaBeta below.

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