Alberta’s First-Ever Open Finance Hackathon

Data. Arguably today’s richest resource. 
And now it’s time to open the sandbox.

At ATB, we’ve been in the data business ever since it was analog. But today’s data-rich digital landscape holds within it a brave new world of opportunities to explore and mine data sets to uncover solutions for almost anything. 

Each and every action (or inaction) a person makes leaves a trail of data behind: about how they behave, the lives they lead, the futures they want ... So with data comes not only power - but a tremendous weight of responsibility.

For the past three plus years ATB has been working with industry experts and researchers to develop robust ethical and governance frameworks to guide how we manage and work with our data. We did this because it would be foundational to our ability to support the rewrite of the financial services industry. 

​As technology rapidly changes the financial industry, customers are looking to banks to offer more digital services and give them more choice, more flexibility, more value, more insights and a seamless, simple, intelligent experience. And with that, comes a demand for control over their own data and information. 

That’s where open finance, also known as open banking comes in. And we want to be a catalyst alongside the next wave of problem-solvers and innovators who want to make lives better by designing unique and custom solutions only achievable with access to data. 

And most importantly - with the dawn of open finance on the horizon - we knew that data sovereignty and trust for our customers needed to be the critical centrepiece.

So as we take steps to proactively shape the future, we’ve been excited to finally begin inviting developers, companies, and innovators to access APIs and datasets to mine for insights and build using synthesized, anonymous data.

ATB Open Banking Hackathon

On February 7 - 9, ATB is hosting Alberta’s very first Open Finance Hackathon: a weekend-long event, with Interac, Axxiome, AltaML, Mastercard, Box, Looker, Platform Calgary, TELUS, Lighthouse Labs and Google.

Participants are invited to form a team (up to eight people) and register to tackle a particular challenge area (such as sustainability, life and longevity, inspiring better financial fitness). The rewards are mighty: perhaps you’ll develop a remarkable solution that will make lives better for Albertans. And, while doing so, you could win up to $10,000 in cash. 

On top of bragging rights and rewards, participants get access to ATB’s first Open Banking Sandbox. This self contained, virtual environment mimics a banking production environment and will feature over 200 APIs spanning 10 open banking areas. Teams can either build a solution utilizing synthetic customer data (not real customer data of course) in our virtual bank, or BYOB (Build Your Own Bank) with functions and features common to all banks - the possibilities are endless!

So join us for a weekend of collaboration, connection, and creative brainstorming as we embark on a journey to educate and elevate the conversation about open finance and demonstrate to Canadians the power and possibilities of APIs and open data within the banking industry.

For more information about the event or to register please visit

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